Heart Transplant Procedure

Below the Heart Transplant Procedure



The surgeon will begin by exposing the chest cavity through a cut in the ribcage. The surgeon will then open the pericardium (a membrane that covers the entire heart) in order to remove your diseased heart. The back part of your own left atrium will be left in place, but the rest of the heart will be removed.


Your new heart will be carefully trimmed and sewn to fit the remaining parts of your old heart. This transplant method is called an "Orthotopic procedure". This is the most common method used to transplant hearts.


You will be given medications both before and during the operation to prevent you from rejecting the new heart. After the operation, you will be taken to a special unit and hospital floor for recovery. You will stay in the hospital until your doctor believes you are ready to go home. How long you stay in the hospital will depend on the following factors: Your health How well the new heart is working Your ability to learn to take care of your new heart transplant.